Tips On Handling Smoke Damage After A Fire

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In the course of a lifetime it is likely that at some point you will experience a fire or other event that may cause serious smoke damage to your home or business. While Home Depot’s advertising reassuringly states: “you can do it we can help”, when it comes to fire and smoke it is best to leave the cleanup and restoration to professionals. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time or creating further damage.

If unfortunate circumstances do befall you, immediately contact your insurance company. If you rent, your landlord should be contacted so that the damage can be assessed. Your insurance agent will be able to recommend a professional restoration services company that specializes in remediation services. These professionals can help determine which items may be salvageable and what can be refurbished rather than replaced. Most companies will be able to give on the spot estimates and or coordinate services with your insurance company.

Although the cost me seem high to thoroughly clean and deodorize a smoke damaged household, the alternative can be even more expensive. Improperly treated living areas may be a health buy generic clomid hazard and the expense of proper renovation at a later point may not be covered by insurance.

If the smoke damage seems to be relatively strattera online minor there are a few activities that the do-it-yourself types may undertake. Firstly, be certain that the local fire marshal has given the okay to live in the household and therefore allow reentry.

Secondly, get the air moving, preferably using several heavy- duty fans. Open windows and keep the air circulating especially if there was water damage. In cold weather the heating system will usually assist in removing moisture. Be certain to remove your furnace filter until soot accumulation decreases. Carpets should be professionally cleaned. Smoke odors may remain on upholstered furniture, bedding and clothes – professional cleaning is recommended. You may also want to consult with a professional about counteracting agents that may assist in breaking up smoke odors. These agents may be applied to furniture, carpets, bedding , curtains, and clothing. In some cases an ozone generator may be employed.

In more serious smoke related incidents, you may need to replace attic insulation, treat household duct work and use special cleaners for plaster walls. Be mindful that some of these repairs will need to be done before and after renovation work.

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