dryIceBlastingAs part of our commitment to utilizing the newest technology and state of the art processes, Oceanside Restoration utilizes Dry Ice Blasting for fire and mold remediation services. Dry ice blasting (also referred to as CO2 blasting) is similar to sand or soda blasting, where a medium is accelerated in a pressurized air stream to impact the surface that is to be cleaned or prepared. But that is where the similarity ends. Instead of using a hard, abrasive medium to grind on the surface, dry ice blasting uses soft dry ice, making it completely non-abrasive. One unique aspect of using dry ice particles as a blast medium is that the particles vaporize upon impact with the surface. That means no secondary waste, as in other forms of blasting. Dry ice blasting is nonflammable, nonconductive and, since there are no secondary contaminates, it is non-toxic and environmentally buy strattera online no prescription friendly.  As a result, dry ice blasting provides a more thorough, higher quality and more cost effective cleaning.

Fire Restoration – 

Dry ice blasting provides fast and efficient removal of smoke and soot damage, without compromising the surface integrity. Dry ice blasting also provides complete removal, even in the tight angles of trusses, around nails, wiring and all plumbing. It is a much faster and cleaner than tradition of cleaning methods.

Mold Remediation –

Dry ice blasting removes 100% of mold spores from wood, without compromising the surface integrity. With dry ice blasting we can reach all surface areas, even in the tight angles of trusses, around nails, wiring and plumbing. Because this method is so effective, it greatly reduces the need to use biocides to contain any mold spores that cannot otherwise be reached.