HandshakeAs an insurance professional, many of your clients choose you for your service and dedication to their needs. Many homeowners have used the same agent or carrier for many years, because they are pleased with the level of service they are receiving from you. It is because of this relationship, that they do not switch companies based on insurance rates alone. When renewal time comes around, these same clients place a large value on loyalty to an insurance professional who offers this exceptional service tailored to their needs.

At Oceanside Restoration, we are committed to providing your clients with that same level of service. We welcome every opportunity to provide a superior level of service to your client. We understand that the client expects this same level of service from the contractor who is often referred by their agent or insurance carrier. We value these referrals, because this is how an agent or carrier buy strattera no prescription shows their confidence and trust in our abilities to satisfy the needs of the client. This also gives the client a level of comfort knowing that they are being taken care of. Their loss, whatever the source, is being placed in the hands of a capable contractor.

Often, insurance-related losses are beyond the capabilities of the average “handyman”. Our goal is to surpass your clients’ expectation of service, and take the worry off your hands. We respond quickly to the initial call, and remain responsive to your client’s needs throughout the restoration process. With prompt call-backs and frequent site visits to check job progress and address any homeowner concerns or questions. As an insurance professional, you can be confident that your clients are receiving excellent service from quality contractors and service providers. We will give your client superior service, from beginning to end, from small to large projects.